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Soil chemistry

The research activities of the Soil chemistry lab (Cà Vignal 2, room 2.31) are main focused on native and exogeneous organic matter in soils.

Main research topics:
- characterization of organic matter in soils, sediments and biomass;
- evolution of organic matter in soils and sediments in relation to climate changes (sinks or sources of C?);
- biogeochemistry of major and trace elements;
- sustainable and safe biomass utilization in agriculture.

Main equipment:
- elementar analyser: CHNS vario MACRO cube (Elementar);
- spectrofluorometer (em, ex, syn, 3D): FL 6500 (PerkinElmer);
- thermal analysis system: termogravimetric analyser coupled with simultaneous differential scanning calorimetry TGA-DSC 3+ (Mettler Toledo).
Claudio Zaccone
Associate Professor


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