Master's degree in Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials (interuniversity)

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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
12  B Mycroscopy and structural characterization techniques (CHIM/02) 2018/2019
12  B Nanomaterials chemistry and laboratory - Nanomaterials Chemistry (CHIM/07) 2018/2019
B Simulation of molecular and periodic systems (CHIM/03) 2018/2019
C Microbial biosynthesis of nanostructured materials - Utilizzo di microorganismi per la sintesi di nanostrutture (BIO/19) 2018/2019
24  C
4 courses to be chosen between:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
Principles of Biochemistry (BIO/10) 6 2018/2019
Short course in molecular biology (BIO/11) 6 2018/2019
Complements of physics (FIS/01) 6 2018/2019
Fundamentals of spectroscopy (CHIM/02) 6 2018/2019
Mathematical methods for physics (FIS/02) 6 2018/2019
Microbiology and laboratory (BIO/19) 6 2018/2019
Organic chemistry (CHIM/06) 9 2018/2019
Principles of physical chemistry (CHIM/02) 6 2018/2019
B Condensed matter physics (FIS/03) 2019/2020
12  B Laboratory of colloids and interfaces (CHIM/06) 2019/2020
B Nano-biomaterials and laboratory (CHIM/03) 2019/2020
1° 2° 12  D Activities to be chosen by the student  
1° 2° D Intership  
18  E Final exam - Thesis (-) 2019/2020