Organic Chemistry (2006/2007)

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Henriette Molinari
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Chimica organica (laboratorio) 2 See the unit page See the unit page
Chimica organica (teoria) 7 CHIM/06-ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2° Sem Henriette Molinari

Learning outcomes

Module: Chimica organica (laboratorio)
The practicals in organic chemistry are aimed to get students acquainted with the basic operations needed to handle and purify organic compunds of biological interest. Students will be requested to carry on simple organic reactions, in order to understand the reaction mechanisms discussed in the theoretical course

Module: Chimica organica (teoria)
The course is aimed to provide students with the basic organic chemistry which will be needed to understand the fundamental processes of biochemistry. An important goal of the course is also to introduce the first year students to the scientific method, so that molecules behaviour and reaction mechanisms can be deduced from the knowledge of acidic-basic and other physical properties. The course is specifically tailored to biotechnology students as the highest attention will be dedicated to the organic chemistry of biological systems.


Module: Chimica organica (laboratorio)
Organic Chemistry practicals (2CFU)
1 experience:Crystallisation assyes. Characterisation of organic compounds through their melting points.
2 experience: Separation of a multi-components mixture with different acidic properties.
3 experience: Extraction of coloured pigments from spinach leaves. Characterisation through thin layer chromatography
4 experience: Determination of reducing sugars
5 experience: Esterification of lipids

Module: Chimica organica (teoria)
Structure and bonding in organic molecules
Intermolecular forces
Funtional-group approach
Conformational analysis
Introduction to the physical-organic chemistry
Acidic-basic properties of organic molecules
Principal reaction mechanisms
Organic chemistry of compounds of biological interest:carbohydrates, peptides, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: Chimica organica (laboratorio)
see the description related to the theoretical course

Module: Chimica organica (teoria)
The students will