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Laboratorio di Biosfruttamento dell'Energia Solare (SOLE-LAB)

SOLE-LAB research activities are focused on the bio-exploitation of solar energy for the production of food, fuels and high value products. Different metabolic processes at the base of solar energy utilization are subject of investigation mostly in microalgae but also in plants, focusing on how biomass and metabolites accumulation can be improved through an interdisciplinary approach from plant physiology to biochemistry, biophysics, genetics and bioinformatics. Microalgae are organisms of interest due to their application as alternative and innovative system for solar light utilization, which are not in competition with traditional agriculture.  Research works are extended to genomic and transcriptomic approaches to target  biotechnological intervention. Research activities are substained by several national (PRIN) and european (ERC-Starting Grant SOLENALGAE) grants, and joint projects with national and international companies involved in different industry sectors.
Matteo Ballottari


Matteo Ballottari
Professore associato
Titolo Responsabili Fonte finanziamento Data inizio Durata (mesi) 
OCARALGAE: Industrial production of Omega3 and carotenoids by microalgae cultivation Matteo Ballottari JOINT PROJECT 2016 - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 01/04/2017 24
PRIN 2012 Miglioramento della produzione di biocombustibili e molecole ad elevato valore aggiunto in alghe unicellulari Matteo Ballottari PRIN 2012 - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 08/03/2014 36
SOLENALGAE Matteo Ballottari Commissione Europea - H2020, null 01/03/2016 60