Related PhD Schools

Graduate School Life and Health Sciences (partially running)

The goals of our School are addressed to the training of students for academic and research positions in government Institutions or private biomedical ? biotechnological research institutes or companies. Our educational programs are based on the development of research projects by the PhD students in an interdisciplinary contest. Such programs will be developed through a virtual laboratory, obtained by grouping of the existing laboratories of research group from the present School. The School is strongly engaged in internationalization Ph. D. plans. 

Graduate School Natural Sciences and Engineering

The Doctoral School on Natural and Engineering Sciences is inherently multidisciplinary and embraces PhD courses in Computer Science, Biotechnologies, and Nanosciences and Applied Technologies.

The Doctoral School has the mission of promoting high quality science training through:

1) Cross-fertilization in natural sciences through discipline-specific courses, Lectio Magistralis, Summer Schools and Winter Schools, Workshops etc., taught and led by experts in the corresponding discipline, who are internationally renowned researchers [or: scholars];

2) Internationalization, mobility programs, agreement with foreign top-level institutions and courses in foreign languages;

3) Training on reporting of scientific findings as articles and conference presentations;Training in fundraising and writing grant applications, of dissemination of research outcomes; Acquisition of soft skills required for strategically developing and successfully pursuing a career in the academia.