Evaluation and minimisation of the role of biocides in the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogens using a total chain approach

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18 febbraio 2008
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Torriani Sandra

The following key objectives will be addressed:
  1. Establish the extent to which cross-resistance to biocides and antibiotics is occurring in a range of pertinent bacterial species in relation to different classes to biocides and antibiotics.
  2. Investigate the impact of exposure to sub-lethal levels of biocides on the potential development of cross-resistance to biocides and antibiotics
  3. Determine the fundamental genetic factors that contribute to identified cross-resistance to biocides and antibiotics.
  4. The design and the development of an embedded prototype for the information tracing based on open-source technologies.
  5. Establish the impact of biofilm formation on development of cross-resistance to biocides and antibiotics.
  6. Develop a risk management protocol for the use of biocides which minimises both development of biocide resistance and cross-resistance to antibiotics
The above objectives will be addressed in the proposed project by a geographically diverse, multidisciplinary team comprising of veterinary, food, clinical and industrial experts who will bring together their complimentary expertise to address the scientific, technical and risk management issues outlined above.

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