Bachelor in Agroindustrial Biotechnology (until 2008-2009 academic year)

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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
B/S Biologia - Biology (BIO/01 ,BIO/06) 2008/2009
A/S Chimica generale ed inorganica - General and Inorganic Chemistry (CHIM/03) 2008/2009
B Chimica organica - Organic Chemistry (CHIM/06) 2008/2009
C Diritto - Law (IUS/01) 2008/2009
A/C Fisica - Physics (FIS/07) 2008/2009
A Informatica - Information Technology (INF/01) 2008/2009
A/S Matematica - Mathematics (MAT/05) 2008/2009
S Statistica applicata - Applied Statistics (MAT/06) 2008/2009
E Lingua inglese - English (L-LIN/12) 2008/2009
A/S Biochimica - Biochemistry (BIO/10) 2009/2010
B Biologia molecolare dei microrganismi - Molecular biology of micro-organisms (BIO/11) 2009/2010
B Biologia molecolare generale - General molecular biology (BIO/11) 2009/2010
B Chimica e biochimica analitica - Chemistry and Analytical Biochemistry (BIO/10 ,CHIM/01) 2009/2010
B Chimica fisica - Physical Chemistry (CHIM/02) 2009/2010
B Fisiologia e biochimica vegetali - Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (BIO/04) 2009/2010
S Genetica - Genetics (BIO/18) 2009/2010
T Immunologia - Immunology (MED/04) 2009/2010
B Microbiologia generale - General Microbiology (BIO/19) 2009/2010
B/S Tecniche di colture cellulari - Cellular Culture Techniques (AGR/07 ,BIO/13) 2009/2010
C Bioetica - Bioethics (M-FIL/03) 2010/2011
C/S Economia - Economics (AGR/01) 2010/2011
B/S Impianti biochimici - Biochemical Systems (ING-IND/25) 2010/2011
B Microbiologia applicata - Applied Microbiology (AGR/16) 2010/2011
B Tecnologie alimentari - Food Technology (AGR/15) 2010/2011
S Tecnologie biomolecolari - Biomolecular Technology (AGR/07 ,BIO/11) 2010/2011
F Banche dati biomolecolari - Biomolecular Databases (BIO/10) 2010/2011
D A scelta dello studente - Students free choice activities (art. 10, par. 1, letter D, m.D. 509/99) (-) 2010/2011
F Tirocinio - Training (-) 2010/2011
E Prova finale -

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B Characterizing activities
C Related or complementary activities

DActivities to be chosen by the student
EFinal examination
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SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

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