Biology - Biologia vegetale (teoria) (2008/2009)

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Massimo Crimi
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2° Sem dal Mar 9, 2009 al Jun 12, 2009.

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Learning outcomes

In this part of the course the student will be enabled to use previous knowledges acquired in the part of the course on cell biology, in order to understand structure-function relationships in tissue differentiation and in organ development:

Vegetative and sexual reproduction, and their evolutive role. Life cycles and their evolution.
Primary and secondary growth, tissues and organs.
Anatomy, growth and differentiation of root, shoot and leaves, and structure-function relationships


Vegetative and sexual reproduction; the evolutionary role of haploidy and diploidy; the evolutionary importance of sexual reproduction; different life cycles and their evolution.
Angiosperm life cycle: flower structure, microsoporogenesis and pollen development; macrosporogenesis and embryo sac development; pollination, fertilization, embryogenesis, seed and fruit development and function; seed structure, quiescence and germination.
General organization of cormophytes. Indefinite growth, determination, differentiation; tissues and organs. Primary and secondary growth. Meristematic and mature tissues; primary and secondary tissues and their structure-function relationships. Root, stem and leaf anatomy and structure-function relationships.

Assessment methods and criteria