Micro-organism biotechnology (2008/2009)

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Giacomo Zapparoli
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Laboratorio 1 AGR/16-AGRICULTURAL MICROBIOLOGY 1° Sem Giacomo Zapparoli
Teoria 4 AGR/16-AGRICULTURAL MICROBIOLOGY 1° Sem Giacomo Zapparoli

Learning outcomes

Module: Theory

It will be furnished elements and concepts regar to the applied microbiology as:
1. domestic waste water treatments
2. xenobiotic degradation

Module: Practice
learning of elementar techniques to use and handle appliactive microrganisms


Module: Theory
1. Mentions on microbial metabolism. Classification of microrganisms based on their metabolism
2. Role of microrganims on biogeochemical cycles. The cycle of nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur.
3. Wastewater microrganisms. BOD, COD, NOD, TOD parameters. Microbial indicators of contaminated and polluted waters. Microbiology of active sludges. Activation of sludges. Biology of active sludges. Composting. Aerobic and anaerobic digestion.
4. microbial degradation of xenobiotic compounds. Abiotic and biotic factors influencing the microbial activity of biodegradation.
5. Genetic and metabolic elements of microbial biodegradation
6. The catabolic plasmids.

Module: Practice
Preparation of materials for handling bacteria and for determination of enzymatic activities
Enzymatic assays on whole cells of microbial species important for biotechnological industries.

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: Theory
oral exam

Module: Practice
oral exam