Mathematics (2008/2009)

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Corrado Marastoni
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Matematica 7 MAT/05-MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS 1° Sem Corrado Marastoni
Matematica (laboratorio) 2 MAT/05-MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS 1° Sem Corrado Marastoni

Learning outcomes

This course aims at providing the students with the mathematical tools (set-theoretic and algebraic structures, differential and integral calculus in one or several real variables, ordinary differential equations) whose knowledge is indispensable for the achievement of the degree. A particular attention is paid to the concrete application of the learned notions.


[Part 1: Algebra.] Sets, relations and functions. Real numbers. Linear algebra (affine geometry).
[Part 2: Functions of one real variable.] Generalities. The topology of the real line, of the extended real line and of affine spaces. Limits, continuity and local behaviour. Derivation. Drawing the graph of a function. Integration.
[Part 3: Functions of several real variables and differential equations.] Functions of two or more real variables: generalities, partial derivatives, differential. Ordinary differential equations: the linear case, the separable variables case.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test