Protein biosynthesis (2007/2008)

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Massimo Crimi
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1° Sem dal Oct 1, 2007 al Jan 23, 2008.

Lesson timetable

1° Sem
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Wednesday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall M from Nov 7, 2007  to Jan 23, 2008
Thursday 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall M from Nov 7, 2007  to Jan 23, 2008

Learning outcomes

The aim of this teaching is to analyze the biochemical process of protein synthesis and to explore the different post-traslational modification and their functions.
The course also analyzes and the structural and molecular aspects of regulatory processes and the evolutionary aspects in protein biosynthasis.


Protein Biosynthesis. The biosynthetic pathway: molecular and evolutionary aspercts. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthases. Regulation of the translational process in eukaryotes. Non-canonical translation.

Post-translational modifications: covalent modifications, glycosylation and glycoprotein biosynthesis, ADP-ribosylation, covalen binding with lipid molecules, proteolitic cleavage of inactive precursors, protein splicing.

Protein folding: structural motifs and chaperone-assisted protein folding.

The life of the proteins. Protein targeting. Protein turnover. Protein aging. Proteasome and Caspases.

Assessment methods and criteria

Power point presentation of a research article.