Wine market analysis (2006/2007)

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Roberta Capitello
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1st semester lesson dal Oct 9, 2006 al Jan 31, 2007.

Lesson timetable

1st semester lesson
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Monday 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall B (Lebrecht) from Dec 20, 2006  to Dec 31, 2006

Learning outcomes

This course aims at examining the operational mechanisms of wine markets in the international competitive scene. The deepening of case of study concurs to know interesting Italian and foreign realities.


1) Elements of economic analysis of wine markets: demand, supply, market power, information, recourse to market and vertical integration
2) Trends of global consumption of wine
3) Global supply of wine: organizational forms, competitive trends, relation between firms, commercial intermediation
4) Evolution of international trade of wine
5) Rule of cooperative and interprofessional integration: Italian and French experiences

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam