2019 - International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

2019 - International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
A yearlong initiative to raise awareness of chemistry and its applications for sustainable development

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially proclaimed 2019 as “The United Nations International Year of The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements,” or "IYPT 2019."

IYPT 2019 coincides with the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Periodic System by Dmitry Mendeleev in 1869, a unique tool enabling scientists to predict the appearance and properties of matter on Earth and in the Universe.

In proclaiming IYPT 2019, the United Nations has recognized the importance of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements as one of the most significant and influential achievements in modern science reflecting the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics, biology and other basic science disciplines. The celebration further aims to stimulate global awareness of how chemistry promotes sustainable development and provides solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health.
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