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PARCO – Parallel Computing

Nicola Bombieri
Associate Professor (Department Computer Science)
Alessandro Farinelli
Full Professor (Department Computer Science)
Federico Busato
Temporary Professor (Department Computer Science)
Michele Boldo
Scholarship holder (Department Computer Science)
Enrico Martini
Scholarship holder
Franco Fummi
Full Professor (Department Computer Science)
Riccardo Muradore
Associate Professor (Department Computer Science)
Francesco Lumpp
PhD student (Department Computer Science)
Samuele Cancellieri
PhD student (Department Computer Science)
Stefano Aldegheri
Research Scholarship Holders (Department Computer Science)
Topic Research area
Intelligent Agents Sistemi intelligenti Artificial intelligence
Advanced Architecture Sistemi ciberfisici Architectures
Embedded system design Sistemi ciberfisici Embedded and cyber-physical systems
AI, Robotics & Automatic Control Sistemi ciberfisici Embedded and cyber-physical systems
Networking systems Sistemi ciberfisici Network architectures
Networked embedded systems Sistemi ciberfisici Embedded and cyber-physical systems
Multiagent Systems Sistemi intelligenti Artificial intelligence
Embedded system verification Sistemi ciberfisici Hardware validation
Name Description
Laboratorio PARCO (Parallel Computing) The PARCO (Parallel Computing) lab is devoted to the development, analysis, and tuning of parallel code for multi-core and many-core (GPU) architectures.
It provides HW and SW environment for developing in CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC, OpenMP, MPI targeting performance, power, and energy consumption design constraints.


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