Viticolture practices and mechanization - TECNICHE VITICOLE (2020/2021)

Course code
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Giovanni Battista Tornielli
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Language of instruction
II semestre dal Mar 1, 2021 al Jun 11, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course presents the different growing techniques in viticulture, examines the problems and effects on productivity, quality and sustainability. In particular, the course examines how to plant the vineyard, the different vine training and pruning systems, the techniques of soil management, the techniques of irrigation, the mineral nutrition, the canopy management and methods of harvest.


The course of viticulture practices provides a part of lectures in which are discussed the various issues that concern the operational choices and procedures for the execution of the agronomic techniques in the vineyard.
- Criteria for the design and for planting the orchard; factors to consider when choosing the site: ecological factors, soil characteristics, position, exposure and slope, depth, texture, structure and composition. Soil preparation: leveling and excavation, break-in, refinement, description of the drainage systems, pre-planting fertilization.
- The arrangement of the rows (e.g. rittochino, cavalcapoggio, girapoggio) and the criteria for adopting certain planting densities.
- Choice of the propagation material of the vine (varieties and rootstocks), orchard planting methods, materials for the realization of the vineyard.
- Main training systems (Alberello, Guyot, spurred cordon, Sylvoz, Casarsa, free cordon, pergolas, marquee, G.D.C., hedge), and related pruning systems (physiological and agronomic basis).
- How to manage the vineyard: canopy management and illustration of green interventions (defoliation, picking, trimming, demining, pickling, cluster thinning); the concept of vegetative-productive balance.
- Irrigation; nutrition; soil management (mechanical processing, chemical weeding, controlled grassing).
- Harvesting management.
- Introduction to nursery techniques and precision viticulture.

Practical exercises are carried out in the vineyard and in relation to the time in which phenological are held, we discuss the various aspects of plant-growing, cultivation techniques applied and the reasonableness or otherwise of the operations performed.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is oral for both students following and not following lectures. The aim of the exam is to assess the knowledge of the subjects listed in the course program. The ability to connect systemically different subjects, the deep knowledge and understanding of the subjects will be also matter of evaluation. The final vote will be expressed out of a maximum of 30 points.