Introduction to Pathology and Immunology (2019/2020)

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Stefano Ugel
Stefano Ugel
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II semestre dal Mar 2, 2020 al Jun 12, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

To provide the students with the basic concepts on the structure and function of animal cells and tissues, to allow them to understand the fundamental biological mechanisms regulating the tissue and cell reactions to danger (Basic notions of General Pathology).
Study of the immune system either from the physiological viewpoint in the defense against infections or from the pathological viewpoint in autoimmunity or immunodeficiencies. Introduction on the immunological laboratory techniques and analysis of their molecular bases. Mention to the biotechnological applications of the immune response products in both research and diagnostics.


1- Introduction to histology
Animal histology: description of the various tissues found in mammals and above all in humans.

2- Health and pathological state
Pathology and pathological mechanisms inducing the disease state. Homeostasis, etiology, pathogenesis. Disease classification. Tissue and cell damage. Cell death: apoptosis and necrosis. The neoplastic process. Inflammation: physiology and pathology.

3- The immune system
Definition of antigen and immunity. Anatomy, cytology and biochemistry of the immune system: lymphoid organs, cells and molecules. Innate and adptve immunity. Cell-mediated and humoral immune response. The antibodies and the antigen-antibody reaction. The complemen system. Immune tolerance. Defence against infections.

4- Immunopathology
Immune system and tumors. Hypersensibility reactions.

5- Immunological techniques and Biotechnologies applied to Immunology
Production and use of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Production and use of T cell lines and clones. Immune assays with antibodies or immune cells and their use in research, diagnostics and therapy. Production of vaccines, immunomodulators and other biomolecules by recombinant technologies and their applications.

Reference books
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Cellular and Molecular Immunology A.K. ABBAS, A.H. LICHTMAN, S. PILLAI 2018
K. MURPHY, P. TRAVERS, M. WALPORT Janeway’s Immunobiology 2017
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Assessment methods and criteria

ORAL EXAM (alternately WRITTEN )