Biological treatments of food-waste (2018/2019)

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David Bolzonella
David Bolzonella
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II semestre dal Mar 4, 2019 al Jun 14, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

The course provides the skills regarding the management of agro-food waste in a circular economy perspective, considering both national and european environmental legislation. The student will receive the basic knowledge concerning the biotechnological processes for the treatment of wastewater, solid and liquid waste resulting from the agro-food industrial activities, even considering the recovery of energy and resources like nutrients and bio-based products with high added value.


The course program will consider
1) Definitions and characterization of liquid and solid agro-food waste and residues and their presence in National and EU environmental directives
2) Definitions of the approaches of circular economy, life cycle thinking and environmental footprinting
3) Biotechnological treatment of liquid effluents and bioprocess simulations;
4) Anaerobic digestion of agricultural and livestock biomass and biological treatment of anaerobic digestate
5) Recovery of high added value compounds (nutrients and bio-based products)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Cecchi F, Bolzonella D, Battistoni P, Pavan P Digestione Anaerobica dei Rifiuti Organici ANPA 2005
Pierstefano Berta, Monica Minetti, Roberta Stecchi Il trattamento delle acque reflue in enologia Ed. Tecniche Nuove 2003

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination consists in an oral test.
In the first part, the candidate must provide a technical report (mandatory) including the design of a bioprocess for the treatment of a waste or wastewater derived from an agro-food industry.
In the second part, the exam will consist of an interview related with the main topics of the course.
The test aims at defining the ability of designing a biotechnological process for waste/wastewater treatment as well as verify the basic knowledge usefull for a professional career in the sector of agro-food industry.