Plant Molecular Genetics (2012/2013)

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Antonella Furini
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Teoria 5 I semestre Antonella Furini
Laboratorio 1 I semestre Antonella Furini

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Learning outcomes

The objective of the course is to analyse the molecular strategies for crop improvement. Mainly the use of molecular markers, tools for gene expression analysis and transgene technology. The purpose is also to study plant evolution, sinteny and genome structure and function. Biodiversity and genetic resources useful for plant genetic improvement will also be analysed.


Molecular techniques applied to the study and improvement of crop species. Molecular genetics as a tool for increasing crop productivity. Green revolution, molecular analysis of green revolution' genes.Biodiversity and genetic resourses. Functional and comparative genomics. Plant genome size. Genome projects in plants. Genome evolution and sinteny. Colinearity among cereal genomes. Transposable elements. Forward genetics and reverse genetics. Insertional mutation in Arabidopsis. TILLING. Molecular markers, molecular marker analysis, MAS. Mapping QTL with molecular markers. Plant biotechnology for crop improvement. Engineer complex metabolic pathways. Transgenic plants for herbicide tolerance,for insect and virus tolerance and for drought tolerance. Cultivation and commercialization of transgenic crops.

Arabidopsis mutant analysis
Utilization of molecular markers for fingerprint analysis
Gene expression tests

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination

Teaching aids
Title Format (Language, Size, Publication date)
10. GMV Caratteri quantitativi  pdfpdf (it, 1235 KB, 03/01/13)
11. GMV Marcatori molecolari  pdfpdf (it, 3226 KB, 03/01/13)
12. GMV Piante transgeniche  pdfpdf (it, 1278 KB, 01/02/13)
13. GMV Piante transgeniche II  pdfpdf (it, 3108 KB, 01/02/13)
1. GMV  pdfpdf (it, 914 KB, 03/01/13)
2. GMV  pdfpdf (it, 593 KB, 03/01/13)
3. GMV  pdfpdf (it, 2416 KB, 03/01/13)
4. GMV Biodiversità  pdfpdf (it, 1390 KB, 03/01/13)
5. GMV Genoma  pdfpdf (it, 840 KB, 03/01/13)
6. GMV Genoma Vegetale  pdfpdf (it, 4845 KB, 03/01/13)
7. GMV Dimensione Genomi  pdfpdf (it, 1002 KB, 03/01/13)
8. GMV Trasposoni  pdfpdf (it, 1873 KB, 03/01/13)
9. GMV Sintenia  pdfpdf (it, 1233 KB, 03/01/13)