Organic Chemistry (2009/2010)

Course code
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Henriette Molinari
Henriette Molinari
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2nd Semester dal Mar 1, 2010 al Jun 15, 2010.

Lesson timetable

2nd Semester
Day Time Type Place Note
Tuesday 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall Gino Tessari  
Wednesday 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall Gino Tessari from Mar 3, 2010  to Mar 10, 2010
Wednesday 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall Gino Tessari from Mar 3, 2010  to Mar 10, 2010

Learning outcomes

The course is aimed to provide students with the basic concepts of organic chemistry needed to understand the reactivity of organic molecules, which represents the basis for the comprehension of the chemistry of biomolecules. An important goal of the course is also to introduce the first year students to the scientific method, so that molecules behaviour and reaction mechanisms can be deduced from the knowledge of acidic-basic and other physical properties. The course is specifically tailored to biotechnology students as the highest attention will be dedicated to reaction mechanisms.


Structure and bonding in organic molecules
Intermolecular forces
Funtional-group approach
Conformational analysis
Introduction to the physical-organic chemistry
Acidic-basic properties of organic molecules
Principal reaction mechanisms
Organic chemistry of compounds of biological interest:carbohydrates, peptides, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids

Assessment methods and criteria

The students will pass an oral examination, aiming at verifying the knowledge and comprehension of the basic principles of organic chemistry treated during the course