Doctoral Program in molecular, industrial and environmental Biotechnologies

Course partially running (all years except the first)


The Doctoral Program in Biotechnology should have solid background in the founding biological, chemical and technical areas of the field as well as an adequate familiarity with the basic sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science so as to be able to correctly interpret the phenomena related to the behavior of organisms and processes that he should be in a position to develop and govern. The graduate should be competent in the control of different kinds of processes, biological, chemical, biochemical-molecular, microbiological and plant building. His goal should be, in the first place, the development of productive systems based on the use of living organisms and the control of their biochemical processes. During the training period the student should acquire the ability to start and carry out autonomously research in one of the areas of the different curricula with a special focus on the industrial applicability of the results obtained. This professional will be of comparable qualification as a student graduated in Biological Sciences, Food and Agricultural Science, Chemical Science and Technology, Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and Industrial Engineering. The graduate will be in a position to discuss with his peers in related fields both problems related to basic research as well as to the development of products and processes.

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3 years
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Teaching Staff Body for the Doctorate in molecular, industrial and environmental Biotechnologies
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