Dottorato in Biotecnologie

Dottorato in Biotecnologie

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Elenco delle attività didattiche avanzate divise per cicli/anni

37° ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
PIANO DIDATTICO CORSO BIOTECNOLOGIE - AA 2021/2022 1 ottobre 2021 - 30 settembre 2022
36° ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
Course: On-line Synthetic Biology November 25th-December 11th, 2020
35° ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
Seminar "“ACAD9 deflavination as switching mechanism from fatty acid oxidation to mitochondrial Complex I assembly: insights into amyloid-beta toxicity” November 11, 2019
Seminar “Breath Of Life: Oxygen Perception across Kingdoms” December 6, 2019
Seminar “Flow cytometry application in microbiology: not only cell counting!” November 2, 2019
Seminar ""Multi-omics analysis of prostate cancer" ZOOM meeting - May 15 2020
Seminar on "“DNA recombination in male germ cells and in testicular cancer” January 20, 2020
Seminar on "“Metabolic strategies boosting functionalities of lactic acid bacteria” January 24, 2020
Seminar "“Peptidoglycan synthesis during growth and division: the secret of bacteria to keep in shape” June 19 -ZOOM MEETING
34° ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
2019 Summer School on Brain Connectomics 23-27 settembre, 2019
PhD Course on "Chemistry and biochemistry of sensorially active metabolites" June 14, 2019
PhD Course on "“Engineering and biotechnological applications of staphylococcal lipases” September 25-27 2019
Seminar "“Applied biotechnologies for the valorization of traditional food products” July 26, 2019
Seminar “Applied biotechnologies for the valorization of traditional food products” July 26, 2019
Seminar “Beyond the genetic code: Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in complex traits” January 25, 2019
Seminar “'Chemical genomics and mixed species studies into metal sensitivity and tolerance'” October 16, 2019
Seminar “Chemical ligation approaches for protein synthesis and modification” May 31, 2019
Seminar “Environmental application of microalgae: biotechnologists and chemical engineers at work, together” October 18, 2019
Seminar "“In vivo analysis of Ca2+ dynamics in Arabidopsis: tools and applications” April 5, 2019
Seminar "Microalgae based carbon conversion and utilization by implementing genome editing technology” Jyly 5, 2019
Seminar ""Monitoring and enhancing biodegradation of pollutants in contaminated environments " May 16, 2019
Seminar on "New approaches in lung bioengineering" April 1, 2019
Seminar “Re-engineering photoprotection to improve crop productivity: models, measurements and serendipity” March 28, 2019
Seminar "“Risk assessment of GM crops and derived Food/Feed: EU approach and Regulation” January 18, 2019
Seminar “Signalling mechanisms in the Rhizobium-legume and the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal symbioses” April 12, 2019
Seminar "The Ubiquitin System in Health and Disease” July 12, 2019
Seminar "“What Sherlock Sorely Missed: The EVA Technology for Cultural Heritage Exploration May 3, 2019
33° ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
PhD Course on "Data Analysis" The course will be held in room G on Wed. 23, 30, June 6 and 13, from 14:30 to 17:30.
PhD Course on "Theory and Computational Practice for Genome Variant analysis using high throughput sequencing data" December 11,12,13 2017
Winter School "Microscopical Sciences" November 20-24 2017
32° Ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
Communication skills 4-5 september 2017
Future looking services evolution. How Internet wil re-shape our lives 17 maggio 2017
PhD Course on "Biostatistics" March 29 - June 7
PhD Course on "Innovazione e spirito imprenditoriale" March 10 - April 6
Tabella riassuntiva attività Scuola di Dottorato 1 ottobre 2016 - 30 settembre 2017
31° Ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
BIOETHICS 14/10/2016 - 20/10/2016
Grant Writing and European Proposals 16, 22 November 2016
IEEE Authorship Workshop & Xplore Training 11st April 2016
Pharmacological Symposia 17/10/2016 - 19/10/2016
PhD Course on "Patenting in Europe" 26-27 september 2016
Seminario trasversale di Etica Accademica 24 febbraio 2016
30° ciclo
Attività interna
Nome Periodo
English Course in collaboration with Speak your Mind School 24 marzo - 9 luglio 2015 martedì - giovedì dalle 10.00 alle 14.00
PhD Course on “Entrepreneurship” 17 - 18 - 22 - 23 giugno 2015
Phd Course on "Grant mining and writing" to be defined
PhD Course on "Patent protection in Europe" 21 - 22 September, 2015
Seminars on Professional Skills 25 e 27 maggio 2015 - ore 14.30 Aula E - Istituti Biologici
Teaching calendar - PhD Program in Biotecnology 1.11.2015 - 31.10.2015