Master's degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology

Molecular and medical biotechnology
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How to enroll

Entry requirements for non-Eu students
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Are you a student from a non-Eu country? To pre-enrol and apply for scholarships you must submit your application by 15 April 2019.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold one of the following degrees:
1) Bachelor's/First-cycle degree (in Italian: Laurea Triennale) in one of the following classes:
1 (D.M.509) or L-2 (D.M. 270); 12 (D.M. 509) or L-13 (D.M. 270); SNT/3 (D.M.509) or L/SNT3 (D.M.270); 46/S (D.M.509) or LM-41 (D.M.270).
2) Bachelor’s/First-cycle degree (in Italian: Laurea Triennale) or other equivalent university degree, with a minimum of CFU credits in the following SSD (Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors):
  • 12 CFU in SSD FIS/01-08 and/or MAT/01-08 and/or INF/01;
  • 12 CFU in SSD CHIM/01-08;
  • 36 CFU in SSD BIO/01-19.
Please note: 3 CFU credits must be in English (B1 level or above).
Those who do not hold an English language certificate will need to take the computer-based test at CLA (University Language Centre):​. Applicants must pass the English tests (level B1, both oral and written) after the enrolment, in the course of the first exam session, or else their enrolment will be revoked.

Graduates in the degree classes as to points 1) and 2) who have obtained a Bachelor’s final grade of less than 85/110 will have to undertake a further skills assessment, which will consist in the analysis of the curriculum (exams taken and relevant marks), possibly followed by an interview.